I think he broke up with me but I want him back. How do I do this?

I’ve been with my boyfriend for 2 and a half years and we moved into our first house together in August this year.
We had been bickering for a while, to me this was normal for the first few stages of living together and everyone I spoke to said it had happened to them too and it’ll stop soon.
I moved out at the beginning of September for a couple of weeks, as did he, for renovation work. Soon after, he told me he needed a bit of space and time to think. So I gave him it for a few days.
Last Wednesday, he asked me to come stay over at the flat so I did, I was very nervous but he told me he loved me and wanted to be with me as listed the things he loved about me. The next day, Thursday, he was being really off so I asked him if he wanted to be with me to which he said he ‘doesn’t think he can do it at the minute’. He cried, I cried, my Mum took my phone and he told her he loved me and he wanted to get married and have kids. I was hysterical. I tried speaking to him on Friday and he told me his head was all over the place and he couldn’t speak and was going to bed.
I next spoke to him on Sunday on the phone where I was going to ask him to meet me to talk about it. He said he didn’t think meeting up would be constructive and kept telling me he loved me and saying we were unhappy the past few months and it shouldn’t be like that and he doesn’t know how we move on from this and he ‘can’t do it at the minute’. I asked him just to say it, that he was leaving me and we were over but he wouldn’t and kept repeating ‘he couldn’t do it at the minute’ then said he needed to go as it was late.
We haven’t spoken since but all my stuff is at his apartment and I still have a key.
What is going on? Do I speak to him or give him space? Why won’t he meet me?
All of this has made me realise how much I love him and I can’t imagine being without him. I want to be with him.
Im reluctant to get my stuff back as without it being there, there’s no reason for him to speak to me anymore.


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  • You can't unless you let yourself down


What Girls Said 1

  • Give him some space before trying to talk to him.

    • How much space?
      I am in bits, I’ve never felt like I needed someone more. Just to talk and to give him a cuddle. It’s torture.

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