Rationalizing this out?

This week a had to break it off with my girlfriend. She admitted to cheating on me, talked about moving into an apartment and implying that I wasn't invited, stayed out every night until 10pm and didn't invite me, told her friends that I know that I was abusive (trust me, I wasnt). When asked to justify her behavior she said it was because her daughter miscarried this month due to an abusive ex and it makes her go a little crazy. I tried to talk to her about various things before, but she hates communication and always clans up (which was the major breaking point) I'm not saying I didn't do anything wrong, but not once would those thoughts go through my mind or would I act the way she did. Should I feel as guilty as I do and should I have taken a different approach? I still love the hell out of her. But I couldn't do it any longer and it seemed smarter to break it off after 6 months instead of facing this bout again


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  • You're not wrong for getting out of a relationship like that... Sounds like she has a lot of things she needs to work through but she's shut you out so breaking it off with her seems like the better route for you and her. The cheating and lying would have been automatic red flags on their own, that its time to reconsider the relationship. The fact that she apparently refuses to talk things out properly even though you guys clearly need to sit down and address a few issues is like trying to ignore that your house is on fire. Don't feel bad; you have to consider your needs and well being as much as hers.

    • Yea, and that's why I ended it. She needs to reconcile her past and I need to deal with my own present traumas. I really was hoping we could deal with it all together though. I've never had to end a relationship, it's a shitty feeling

  • Her daughter miscarried? How old is your girlfriend?


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  • You have taken the right approach!

    • Thanks brother. It's got me pretty down, but it felt like the adult thing to do

    • I don't understand, why do girls cheat so much these days. Seems that I'm lucky that I don-t have a girlfriend.

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