She never said goodbye?

after having troubles with being strung along by a girl and supposedly being "close" to her, I just couldn't take it all anymore and told her friends wasn't gonna be possible. and all broken hearted a wrote a goodbye letter to her... hopeful for the future, but ugh I know I shouldn't be. I said if she really wanted me to come back in the future when she felt it was the right time.

well I never heard from her afterward. no goodbye. no nothing.

what does it mean? could there be hope? :(

thanks so much


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What Girls Said 1

  • i did the exact same thing with my ex last night. Its hard because I still love him like hell. But people who don't treat the love that you give them with respect, don't deserve to have any of it. Not even a friendship.

    The only other option would be to hang around, get strung along, and get your heart broken over and over. But where is your dignity when they finish with you and move on to the next person? It will hurt much more.

    Dont expect contact from her because if you saying goodbye didn't make her want you, nothing will. Just stick with your decision, don't contact her. Don't let her know your hurting. Just move on with your dignity intact, and know that its gonna hurt a lot less this way than it would if you stayed around as her play thing.

    Good luck and I hope you feel better soon x


What Guys Said 1

  • no reply = don't care... all the hopes and possibilities are the work of your masculine brain of yours.. just don't give it too much thought and move on.. ofcourse this is only true if the "afterwards" you mentioned is a years timeframe..

    • What do you mean by the "afterwards" thing?

    • Quote - "well I never heard from her afterward. no goodbye. no nothing." that afterward thing

    • I know, I guess I shouldn't asked what you meant by the "years timeframe" thing instead... (?)

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