What is this feeling of such a strong connection between me and the ex?

so hy. me and my ex were in a relationship of four years but then because of a stupid reason he fought and broke up with me. we were going great but he, without evening telling the main reason just broke up with me and he also seemed pretty bummed about it. its been seven months now. and I have already move don because he was very immature and I know I deserve better. now the main thing. a few days back I was just working in the kitchen just got nack from college. I didn't miss him that much now and didn't really think of him that much either but all of a sudden my heart, skipped a beat. and suddenly he popped up in my mind and I started getting all these memories. and suddenly, I felt this odd but really really strong connection in which I felt like he and I are closer than ever in that moment and I felt like he's calling out to me and that he's saying something to me. I don't know. maybe I'm crazy. but it was a feeling that I've never felt before. reallyy strange. any opinions?


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  • That because you love him. you can't move on

    • now this is total bullshit

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    • I do. and I know that I don't want him back anynore because its clear that he isn't the right one for me. but all of a sudden I got that feeling like he's so close to me and saying something and it bothers me so much because I don't even want to think about him

    • Use your time

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