Sex with Ex BF?

So my ex boyfriend and I broke up a year or so ago mostly because I was moving out of state. It wasn’t a messy breakup actually kind of emotional and sad. But anyway flash forward to last week. I was in town for a visit and he found out I was there. He asked if we could meet up for drinks. I was hesitant but ended up meeting up. We talked for hours catching up and eventually ended up at his apartment and had sex and I spent the night. The next morning he drove me back to where I was staying and was holding my hand the entire time, kissing them. I can’t tell if he really has feelings for me still or it was just plain ex sex. We hadn’t talked at all before this all happened and now he’s texting me again. It’s just really messing with my feelings. What are yalls thoughts? I feel like if it was just regular ex sex he wouldn’t be acting like this. I don’t have really any intentions of getting back together because we still live far apart but I just can’t stop thinking about what happened.


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  • If you didn't have a bad break up chances are he still has feeling for you and still wants you, all the signs point to him wanting a relationship with you again (kissing your hand etc.) My suggestion is to squash it now before he gets his feelings hurt. If you wait to long he'll get attached and think he has a shot at being with you again


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  • I think he still cares and wants you but try to feel what your heart is telling you i know it is hard but the heart will always lead you in the right direction

  • If you want to go ahead, but know it's not going anywhere.

  • Ooooooi

    So hard!


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