Should I still talk to my ex when I have a boyfriend?

Me and my ex boyfriend have been talking and friends. He called me one time a couple weeks ago. Every time I try and talk like friends he always says he misses me. I really don’t believe he does miss me because he would try to win me back. He really hurt me and I can never forget that but I still like talking to him. My recent boyfriend who picked up the pieces my old boyfriend broke has been taking things slow. My new boyfriend is so great and I think it could really work out with him. But why do I still feel attached to my ex? My new guy is the better choice and he cares about me while my ex isn’t trying to win me back. I want to be friends with my ex but it’s obvious that he just tells me he misses me which hurts me. I love talking to my ex but if he’s just playing with my emotions idk. Do you think that I should continue talking to my ex even though its obvious my boyfriend is my choice?


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  • no stop talking to your ex, it could jeopardize your current relationship


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