Damn this chick got me messed up?

I was "talking or seeing" this girl for a few months we're both in our early thirties. She called it off cause her life is a mess she is struggling. I'm trying not to wait on her yet its been 3 weeks n I still find myself thinking of her n wanting to talk n see her. We've broken the no contact rule it was I who broke it first thought.


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  • Let her know how you feel towards her and wait for her.

    • You seem to give good advice,

      So the girl has been contacting me more now. She says she misses me and I told her I've been thinking of dropping in on her she said I could the problem is I works nights. I am thinking of heading up there tonight just cause I want to see her.

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    • love does crazy things to us.

    • Well off work off to insanity and beyond time to make the 45 min drive

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  • If she's going through a tough time and doesn't want u there for support or comfort, isn't that ur answer?


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