Why do some men tend to flirt another woman?



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  • Some women assume that guys flirt when they are only being friendly, I hate Jeliousy , if a woman doesn't realize her man is loyal to only her then she has a problem, my ex was like that she assumed I was a flirt when my loyalty was with her only, and if I even talked to a woman it was a problem, I work with people every day and I beleave in good customer service and I am a friendly guy and I like to talk to people, I do it at work every day women and men, but when I was with my ex she has a problem with Jeliousy.
    It got too much for me even when I explained my side she never wanted to hear what I try to tell her.
    Reason why she is my ex and I haven't seen her in months and I am happy for it.


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  • It's not just men, it's women as well. Practically everyone does it.. intentionally or even unintentionallly. For starters, it's just fun to do most of the times for both parties involved. Sometimes, the other person isn't even interested, but it's just fun to see what they've got and to entertain them for a bit. In my opinion, life would be pretty boring if there wasn't a flirty conversation once in a while...


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  • For the same reason women do too. Attention. If someone is paying attention to you you like it.

    • Some woman maybe will like it...
      I want to know some reasons

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