Why she do something like this after broke up with her ex?

I have my friend who have past relationship. They broke up because the girl couldn't forget her old crush (but she never be her old crush gf). They seem to break up happily. The guy bothered her for awhile. He thought it wasn't work, so he agreed to her to be a friend. Since then she didn't talk to him even greeting him when they walk pass.

1 year later, Luckily they were randomly in same work group. They both had a presentation together, she helped his work closely but still silent, ignored him and didn't talk to him.

Now it 4 years, Although she meet him often, she still act the same. I heard from her close friend (who is his close friend too) that she still complain about him such as he isn't an attractive person, he tell her eat too much, he don't buy her a doll.

I don't know why...


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  • May be he completely ignore her. And find a new one who is more important than her


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