My gfs parents hate me, should I break up with her?

My girlfriend comes from a very strict family. We're both 19 years old and started dating a little over a year ago, but we were friends for a long time before that. We hid our relationship for months before I convinced her to tell them. And even then, at first they weren't okay with it but eventually came to accept us. Lately my gfs little sister told my parents that my girlfriend and I had sex and they blew up. They were beyond mad, because in her culture girls aren't supposed have sex before marriage, even though she doesn't believe in all that. They eventually went through her phone and found out I smoked weed before and that made them even more angry. After all the fighting, they sort of gave up and told her they don't care what she does or if she continues to date me, but they still won't like me. Her parents said I'm a disaster and ruined their family. As bad as it is, it hurts to be called all that. Me and girlfriend love each other a lot and she doesn't want to break up. She'd do anything to keep us together. I want my gfs parents to like me but I don't know if I can continue the relationship with them hating me.
My gfs parents hate me, should I break up with her?
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