One night stand with your very closed friend?

What should we do when your very closed friend have a one night stand with you and she never want to talk you after this incident?


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  • Why whould you agree to it in the first place? Loosing friends sucks hard, hope she didn`t mean much to you.

    • yeah, first it happened mutually and she did not refused too. after it she is saying "i hate you, how dare u to do this without my concern and i don't want to talk u"now what should i do , i love her still now

    • Hmmmm. Yeah, it`s fucked up how much power women have over men. I mean, you gotta realise that loosing her is the best of all the worls. She could have accused you of rape wich whould have destroyed your life even if it turned out you didn`t rape her (wich you have no evidence to ever prove)

  • Ignore her, block her, change ur phone number. pretend she died. if she treated u like shit afterwards she's not worth the bother


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