Would it be possible for my ex, and I to get back together?

So, my boyfriend broke up with me on Sunday. He said he didn't know what it was, he just didn't feel like it was going anywhere. He told me that I shouldn't look forward to anything happening between us in the future, but he still wanted to remain friends.

I told him that I knew he was going to break up with me weeks ago, and that I wasn't upset. Just disappointed that we couldn't work out. In all actuality I was heart broken. I cried myself to sleep Sunday night, and all day Monday. Today, Tuesday, I wasn't a little upset this morning, but now I'm okay.

I read that there are ways to get an ex back. I would just like to know if it really is possible, and what are some real ways that people have actually used. I really love him, and I want to at least try to be with him again. Just being friend will be extremely hard for me.


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  • stop...you should not TRY to get him back...you shouldn't have to fight for love...thats not what love it...you may be in love with him, maybe he's not in love with you

    time will tell - if its meant to be it will be...but you need to prepare for the worst - that you will not get him back...first thing you need to do is grieve...which you have been - sometimes crying is the best way...but you need to get up, get out and start moving on...i know its SO much easier said than done - I just went through this. You have to believe me that time will heal and it will take time to get over the situation...go out, buy some dvd series or new cd's - nothing sad or mopy...but you need to keep your mind occupied, off him, if you sit around and mop all day it will be 10x harder...

    get out, have fun with friends, go make new friends but at your own pace - take things slow and be mature about the situation and understand that you did the best you could and sometimes things just don't work out but if its meant to be someday whether it be a week, month, years you will both reunite...and if not, then it won't happen, but you have to prepare for the worst...

    most importantly don't let anyone pressure you into getting back out there and doing the dating scene so soon, again you need to figure this out on your own pace...

    my suggestion would be to remove his number - that way if you feel like calling him you'll start dialing his number and ask yourself "wait what the hell am I doing" and not end up calling - but keep contact with him to a MINIMUM! if he contacts you, you don't have to respond, matter of fact I wouldnt...let him think what the hell is she doing, he broke up with you, this is your time to really analyze the relationship, understand what went wrong (if anything) work on YOURSELF and really think about what you want from a guy and make sure he shows you he cares about you through his actions, wahtever you do don't talk to your ex for A LONG time because this will respark feelings with you...dont let him toy with your emotions either, this is your time to work on yoruself and be more independant for other guys to see who you are as a person!

    it was the turtle that won the race, not the rabbit - remember that and take things slow ok...keep your head up and don't look back, this is your time to really figure out who you are and how you can make someone else haoppy as they can make you - but again do this at your own pace

    hope this heleps - whatever you do DO NOT FIGHT for him to love you because that isn't true love...k?



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