When you feel someone is calling out to you. is it real or just paranoid much?

lately I've been having the feeling that my ex is really close to me and like he's missing me and that he's really hurt. at first he fought with me saying he wants to breakup and later I broke up with him for real. I don't know why bit its really bothering me. like I'm just working in my office or in my kitchen all of a sudden there he is, popping up in my mind when I'm not even thinking of him and I had to sit down for a while and it felt like he was right there with me and that he was missing me and calling out to me. I actually had to get this ceeling off of me it bothered me that much. anyone else had this kind of feelinh what the f**k is it?


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  • I can`t read the text because just the word paranoya makes me a little paranoyed (unfortunately not a joke) and this entire thing seems creepy but get some councelling. Ow fuck now i`m paranoyed. Not your fault but fuck me this is getting annoying.

    • lool 😂 I think I should because its too weird to be real.

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    • cz I've never had this feeling ever in my life of twenty years

    • Yeah, defenetly fix it as soon as possible it`s retarded to live with it.

  • Hay are u greek


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