Been put in a group chat with a blocked ex girlfriend?

Just blocked my ex. Was then put into a group chat with her, majority of her friends, and i'd say one mutual friend. I find this weird. They know that we are not in talking terms but i have been put into this group chat?

We do see each other quite a bit as we do have some of the same classes. She's always angry with the smallest things that I did, so sometime last week I decided to block her. The next time I see her, she starts being loud obnoxious and super angry.

The one time I miss class, she becomes super happy but loud at the same time.

Thoughts on this?


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  • They are trying to play match-maker between you both again. You need your space so just exit the chat and keep away from her and her friends. It's really none of their business to put you into a group chat with her anyway. Your business is between you and her, not them :)

    • Thanks for the big win 😁... lol, by the way did u exit the chat in the end?

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    • This is all a plan to get you back... get into a guys head... and its working. If you want her the follow her lead... if not cut all ties. Get out of the chat room too... its all a bit of cat and mouse.

    • Okay. What I don't get is why can't she be upfront? you know? But what do you suggest I do if I want her back?

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  • Bro get out of it, you're not even friends with thay group of people.

    • I see that group of people quite a bit as they're in my class.

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  • Get out of the chat


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  • Live under a rock. No one can disturb you there.


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