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Maybe two months ago my ex blocked me on Instagram and said he was over me to one of his friends, A couple weeks ago his friend told him he saw me at the mall and we talked and he asked for my snapchat! , now my ex Unblocked me on Instagram what does that mean? And no I wasn't lurking he just popped up again when I was looking up another friend with a similar name as his! I need help what do you guys think on this situation? And his friend even told me that he barely talks to him now ever since he told him he saw me at the mall , I'm just confused


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  • Jealousy and loss of trust perhaps.


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  • Well here is the thing, since his friend talked to you your ex is now trying to see if you are being happy without him now. He is kind of just keeping tabs on you but at the same time seems like he may want to see if you and his friend become more than friends. In the end I think you need to just move on and ignore that he is looking at your stuff because if you focus on that you will either make yourself sad or mad at the situation.


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