Gonna dump idiot sex buddy or whatever we are, I never cared anyway, what do you think?

last-night we talked about something that bothered me, had nothing to do with him really but something that he should have showed some empathy for, he totally shouted at me and was so cold.
This is the thing with men who want me, they never really care and aren't too shy to show they don't give a shit. I plan to avoid him and tell him he can't come over until he gets it.

He just messaged me and of course I'm ignoring him, I don't know how to dump people, so I usually just ignore them until they go away. You don't show blatant disregard for the feelings of someone who is so hospitable towards you and make you happy. What he said last night is basically fuck your feelings. I was fine with having a friends with benefits situation and he got mad when I said it, now he wants to act unfeeling towards my hurt, I don't have time for this really.


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  • Why not just tell him to f*ck off? Why do you want to play games like that?


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  • Sex Buddy/Friends with benefits is one of the dumbest concepts out there. If a man just wants you for sex, then he doesn't want you, he wants your body. Otherwise he'd make himself your boyfriend/husband. If he won't commit, he doesn't care about you. You're almost like a piece of meat that he can stick his meat into.

    • I don't mind him not caring actually, I just wish I knew where we stand, if I'd known this is how he thought, I'd be acting way different, like not making him dinner and having him sleep over. By the way, men don't care about women, especially the ones they should care about, so save it. Even the ones who tried to marry me treated me this way, good to know where I stand with someone who got mad when I asked to not be serious, and calls me baby all the time, I don't call him that!!.

    • "Men don't care about women." What a statement. So literally no men care about women? Are you a man? Would you be in a position to understand the mentality of men when dealing with different types of women?

    • Trust me I know, but they could at least act like they do. He blatantly showed me otherwise, and tried to redeem himself then he saw it was too late, sad he had to go and haven't said anything all day because he knows I am done with him. Men know silence is deadly, you're dummies but you pick up little things.

  • Can't really say much without knowing more context of course. But I'd caution against offering ultimatums. If you've decided that his not "getting it" is enough to warrant you not seeing him anymore, then just stop seeing him. Offering up ultimatums like this just provides too much incentive for him to lie.

    • Actually he's an asshole that disregards my feelings, believe it's for the best. I already give way more than he does, it already is a one sided relationship or whatever this is.

    • Well then I'd strongly suggest ditching his ass.

  • What I would like to ask is what was the thing that bothered you, why did he shout? What did he shout? Why should he show empathy? These seem to be most important aspects needed to answer this question.. on a side note i suspect u didn't have the best of relationships with your fathet that is why subconsciously go for the wrong guy hence you think we're all di*ks.

  • Maby u should change the type of guy u choose. If u want to stay with him ask why he was bothered and why he shouted what's to lose if it don't work u can use your attractions find someone els.

    • I plan to do that, screw him.

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    • I am just frustrated to the point of confusion, maybe when I finally meet the right guy I won't be interested anymore.

    • I am sure u will eventual find the right guy.

  • Dump him or just ignore him he should have feelings for you whether friends with benefits or just friends

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  • Dump then

  • Thats why i dont believe in NSA relationships


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