I love her but she asked time?

I dated a girl it wasn't long only 4 months but for the firts time i felt this was it we were great together i actually felt motivated to try things like traveling and all basically in love but she asked space and time.. i know that never Góes well I've experienced in the past what bothers me is that i ask her to be foward like "i dont want to be with tou anymore" or "i dont love you" só i can just try to move one i really love her but she doenst even text me and she kept saying i was the men of her life and she would come after me after clearing her head my hopes are gone bit give me your opinon on this would really aooreciate your toughts.


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  • This same thing happened to me, except a boy did it to me. That was years ago, and if I learnt anything throughout all of that, it's that we need people to say the truth to us so we know what to do next. Sometimes people leave us with "what ifs" and give us room to hope, but the truth is that people to that for their own benefit. So that just incase, she can come back to you if she needs to. Sometimes we have to find our own closure and tell ourselves to move on, even if we don't hear it from the one we need most.

    The best thing you can do (just an opinion) is to focus on moving on and doing the best for yourself, and in doing that, she may come back or she may not. But if she doesn't, you are lucky because you shouldn't want to be with someone who doesn't feel the same.


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