The Love of my life has left me. Please read. Does anyone have good advice?

Ok, im going to try to explain my situation in as few words as possible. In the past year i have gotten serious very serious with this girl.

About a month ago she broke up with me and here's why. I got caught cheating. I didn't have sex with anyone else, kiss anyone else, or even meet up with anyone else. All i did was flirt with other girls. I know its still a form of cheating. I know it was wrong and their is no justifying it. The flirting with the other girls happened back in July and i cut off right away. I realized what i was doing was wrong and felt guilt and stopped that behaviour. She only found out recently after seeing the previous conversations on my phone. I should have told her instead of hiding it from her.

So after the breakup which has been about 6 weeks now. We have seen each other and spent entire days and nights together. Every weekend we would spend the whole day/night together and we would have an amazing time. Like nothing ever happend. It would really seem like we were making progress. I would apologize and we would tell each other how much we love each other. Then i would go back to work for the week, she would instantly hate me again. I would go the whole week begging for her forgiveness. Then we would see each other and it would be all love again. Then i'd go back to work and she would want nothing to do with me again. Rinse and Repeat. Just this past weekend we spent time together and we told each other no more hurting each other and how much we love each other. Then when we left each other she said she misses me. Less than 24 hours later she tells me that she didn't feel the love, its not the same and blocked off all contact with me despite my pleas. All my messages are being ignored.

I dont know what to do any more. I've given her promise rings, her fav ice cream and chocolate, wrote poems, letters, gave her flowers. I was planning on proposing. I put a deposit on a ring and sold my car but she doesn't know that. What do i do. Help :(
The Love of my life has left me. Please read. Does anyone have good advice?
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