Girls, Why doesn't she leave me alone?

So in university , there's a hot girl who never spoke to anyone. I tried adding her on Facebook and she didn't accept me. two weeks later and she sits in one of my classes and when I walk in she keeps looking me up and down she's with a few others from her course on Tuesdays and still never speaks to anyone. . So at break I decided to introduce myself to herself and her course friends. We had a pleasant conversation before going to class. So she was still quiet but kept looking at me all the time. So two weeks later I sat at her table cz they have a socket to charge my laptop. So we had to work as a group however she kept asking me no related questions , and listening to every detail. She would always tease me and look deeply into my eyes. So after hours of just flirting n stuff we didn't finish our project as a group and the teacher kept looking over at us so the teacher made us share our contact information and everyone e gave each other emails and not phone number so I decided to be cheeky and ask for her phone number aswell. So 10 mins later just before class she interrupts me and gives me her email and phone number. Two days later I text her and she was at work so I played a joke and asked for her advice if I should ask (her name) out on a date cz I though she was hot and I wanna date her n she said she's not single. So I said sorry and left it at that. So now she telling her friends what I done and she keeps looking at me in the library and her friends won't stop looking g at me. I'm confused as to why cz I left it don't text her however why dies she and her friends keep looking at me all the time? I didn't even speak to them


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  • Now you're the guy who's interested in a girl who is in a relation, maybe you'll try to break them up

    • She's not in a relationship , I think she dating but not yet taken. I see what you mean :)

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