Does your ex miss you if she dumped you?

Hello, my girlfriend broke up with me 3 weeks ago. She's only 15 (we were together for 3 months) and the reason was she didn't love me. I begged her, tried for a chance but it was a big mistake. She texted me a week ago saying that Iam stalking her, that I am talking shit about her to her mom (I wanted to come back, I swear I didn't want to stalk her...) and I was asking her mom what to do, cause she's a great person...

My ex said she doesn't see me in her presence and future, and that im an asshole and stuff like that... I meet her at the gym a lot of times, i need to ignore her (she doesn't even say Hello) and she lost a lot of friends because of how she treated me. Now what should I do please? Should I move on (it was my first love, it hurts a lot her second) or should I keep the hope? She says things like she's happy without me, in the gym she's talking to other who workout with me (she's trying to make me jelous i think) please give me your advice or tips, experience... I am desperate right now. Should I wait If she starts to miss me or should I try to move on... I still have feelings for her. Thank you
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Thank you all, I guess I will try to move on and not talk about her to anyone. I guess I will ignore her, there's nothing much I can do. Still hurts a lot but really I can't do amything right here I guess... I hope better one will come. Thank you, sucks she did this...
Does your ex miss you if she dumped you?
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