My ex boyfriend left me for his ex girlfriend after two weeks of trying to work things out?

At first me and him were great friends & I was there for him when his ex girlfriend which is now his girlfriend wouldn't take him back. We went out for three great months. Everything was great between us. But one day his ex came & told him she found out he was telling her the truth bout not cheating on her & she left. Everything was OK after that. But we got into an argument one day & we didn't speak. So the next day he took her to a party & I broke up with him because friends told me he was with her & that's not cool. We tried two weeks talking bout if we should get back together but while we were working things out he was hanging with her & after that he chose me but later he started acting weird & we barely talked. He broke up with me a week later for her & He tells me he misses me & stuff still.He tells me broke up with me because of what people told him about me but before he never cared & also because he says he lost feelings for me? They all tell me if things don't work with them, he'll come back to me.Wat


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  • Hey that's a pain. He's clearly still In love with his ex and just stringing you along. I know he didn intentionally sting you along he prob thought it was over with him and his ex when he met you and you were a rebound even though neither of you probably realized it. His ex wants what she can't have she saw you two getting serious so she went and made upa sob story.. he has a fair idea that's y he's now stringing you along because he still likes you ans wants you as a fall back in case it doesn't work out with her. My advice keep walking ,y be second best when you can be number 1 in someone elses eyes. I no its hard but let him go and find yourself somebody who will treat you right..:)

    • Yea no matter how many times he told me he wasn't qonna go bak to his ex, there he went.He had forgot everything, well not everythng bout her but he had almost gotten over her until she showed up at this door step. That's exactly what my uncle (his bestfriend) told me, that he'll just come back o me if nothing works out between them. its hard to get him out of my mind, ikeep thinking of what couldve been or what could be. & the wort part, its my first time bein like this :/.

    • I know it makes you feel so insignificant when somebody does that but just exit like a lady and don't contact him and he'l soon realize that his ex is still the same and he'l regret dumping you then you can do what you want.... :)

    • IThink you're riqht & um ... thanks... :)

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