I hurt my ex in worst possible way, now I am not expecting anything from her but just want to say sorry?

i hurt my ex in worst possible way, she forgive me couple of time, but every time she said she likes someone else i got angry on her again and humiliated her.
now i have accepted the reality that she has gone
and i just want to give her sorry chocolate, but she is not picking up my phone or answering my message.
she is angry and irritated with my behavior
should i still approach her with chocolate?
its being hard for be not stay without apologizing to her.


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What Girls Said 1

  • Don't give her anything. Just send an apology text and then move on. She doesn't want anything more from you

    • she has blocked me on WhatsApp and not picking up my call

    • Well I'd say leave it then. She doesn't want anymore contact with you. If you need it as closure then perhaps just type up an apology in Microsoft word and keep it to yourself. Pushing your apology on her could make things worse.

What Guys Said 2

  • There is no point of apologizing if you gonna repeat it after which I can see clearly because you get angry and humiliate her everytime she likes someone... but wait what do you mean by she likes someone?

    • she is interested in one of her friend
      whom she rejected for me
      and now i feel like i am completely okay with both of them
      earlier i was jealosed that she left me for him.

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    • i won't, i won't even ask her to unblock me

  • Without further information, leave it. It sounds like you've done enough damage

    • now i want to fix all damage
      and not expecting anything from her
      i just want her to smile everty time we cross our path

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    • And stick to it

    • this is exactly what i want to do by giving her chocolate

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