How do you know if your ex is a loner?

OK so me and my ex broke up like a month ago but we still keep in contact we have some type of contact everyday...and he keeps telling me about how he's really happy talking to this one girl I set him up with..and that's all he talks about and I asked if I'm the only that knows about this because not even his apparently beat friend knows this..and he told only I know...could this mean he wants me back and is trying to make me jealous or that he's a loner...

we talk about normal stuff non related to the girl for a few mins...and then he goes right back to it and before I set them up we were on skype talking about the randomest things for about 2hrs...and yeah after leaving and had them introduced we walked
we walked and he wanted to hang out with me more time but I said I had to go and so I kept on walking home and he went into a park thinking I would follow but I didn't and he just ended up walking back with me...


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  • He is most likely putting up a front, giving the illusion he is happy and content in his life. I know, as my own ex boyfriend is doing the same thing, he put up a status on his FB account saying he is Happy Happy Happy! I do not believe it. It sounds so false. As to your ex boyfriend, I do think he should talk with you about other things other than his personal life. Just cos you set him up with this girl doesn't mean you have to all and sundry. Tell him lets change the topic...or just you know what happened today...or something like that...but if he still keeps on talking about this new girl then you should tell him directly, lets not talk about personal stuff, lets talk about other things...and take it from there. If he was a loner, he would be talking about other stuff as well.


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