No chance of breaking up with my girlfriend. Help?

I'm totally tired of her. I had a girlfriend before her and I loved her seriously. Current girlfriend loves me but she always point out of that past. It's not like I don't love her but You know..., my heart was scarred once and I don't take serious of love like before. Current girlfriend don't understand me and always hurt my feeling with words. So I decided to breakup with her but she didn't let me go. And also, even though I told her, she don't stop hurting me. Someone pls advice me how to peacefully settle this situation.
Ps. The reason I couldn't breakup with her is She might do something terrible to herself and looks like She will do that for sure. So that's why...


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  • If you broke up with her and she can't respect that, cut off contact from her and don't be at your house for a long period of time, go out have fun etc.


What Guys Said 2

  • What she does is called abuse

    Worst case scenario is calling the cops on her

    I would personally tell her what she does wrong exactly and my own inability to love seriously and tell her to go find someone else because she makes me miserable, and if she truly loved me she wouldn just leave for my sake

    If it doesn't work, cops and restriction order

  • There is no peaceful way. It's gonna get nasty for no fault of it's cause there is love involved. But just end it quickly.

    • That's blackmail at its simplest. You can give into it ( and be miserable) or not give into it and let whatever happen after that happen. You can't be responsible for another's behaviour.

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