Would a guy breakup with a girl because makeout session was bad?

Went on a first date with my crush/friend. Everything seemed to be going well. We even made plans for a second date. We then went to his place and made out for a while. He knew it was my first time ever and seemed really nice about it. But then later he told me that he’s not looking for a relationship and he can sense that’s what I want and he’d rather just be friends.
I’m trying to stay positive and believe that what he says is true and we’re just looking for different things right now, but I can’t help but think that maybe it was because of my poor kissing skills.
Would a guy really not even give you a second chance at making out?
We will remain friends because we’re in the same club on campus and nothing went really wrong and we have a good time together. Just feeling kind of down but you can’t force feelings on someone I guess...


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  • Noooooooooooo im attracted to girls who over come there insecurities and try. Your sloppy kisser or poor kisser then fine tgeres also your neck, your wrist, you boobs, your cheeks there's also going alsong with it and teaching you. I mean soo many ways around it. Tha imma tease you fir it.


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  • If someone truly cares for you, then no.. he won't care about something such as that.
    No one is perfect at the first time and we all know that.. why would I want a girl to be experienced when I could be the one to give her that experience anyway?
    He either is not looking for a relationship (I wonder, why he couldn't tell you that earlier though) or doesn't truly care for your person and just wanted to make out for fun.

  • Ermahgerd I had on girlfriend that couldn't kiss properly even if her depanded on it. But I just tols her I don't like kissing, didn't brake up. Well in the end I did but for other reasons...

  • In this case he told you the truth

    • Then why make future plans?

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    • Wait for what? So are the plans still on? We were gonna see a concert tomorrow. Should I check with him or consider it off? We’re still friends but this all just happened so I’m not sure

    • Let’s start all over. He isn’t looking for a relationship and only wants to be friends. You can have a date as just friends. Now if you want to make out and fuck him knowing he won’t commit then that’s up to you

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