Confused. Why did he do these things?

I'm confused. My ex dumped me and said its over and done, but did these things:
One - messaged me a lot and called twice just to apologize for being mean when I texted him, said things like "(my name)?" "Please I'm sorry" if he wanted to apologize, why (slightly) blow up my phone?
Two - he said if I didn't stop messaging him he'd block me. He blocked me. Later, hours later, he unblocked me and said "are you done?" Why unblock?
Three - got really jealous, and I'm not imagining that.
Four - said "bye" again, after the last time he said it, 10-30 mins later, like he's coming back. --
I asked him "why do you confuse me" and he said "bye" and blocked me. Why did he do these above ^^ things?
Confused. Why did he do these things?
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