Confused. Why did he do these things?

I'm confused. My ex dumped me and said its over and done, but did these things:
One - messaged me a lot and called twice just to apologize for being mean when I texted him, said things like "(my name)?" "Please I'm sorry" if he wanted to apologize, why (slightly) blow up my phone?
Two - he said if I didn't stop messaging him he'd block me. He blocked me. Later, hours later, he unblocked me and said "are you done?" Why unblock?
Three - got really jealous, and I'm not imagining that.
Four - said "bye" again, after the last time he said it, 10-30 mins later, like he's coming back. --
I asked him "why do you confuse me" and he said "bye" and blocked me. Why did he do these above ^^ things?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Well, it could be several things, but first off, I wouldn't waste too much energy on this guy. It sounds like he can't make up his mind, or may have thought he had another option who also can't make up her mind. I think he realized how mistake right away, but is now confused by other ladies in his life.


What Girls Said 2

  • I had a guy with similar behaviour. He didn't like it when i showed signs of losing interest though we were never in a relationship. some guys enjoy wasting a woman's time and don't want you to move on though they no longer care about you. Suddenly they act vulnerable or want a reaction from you and get very jealous over anything... even accuse you of cheating.

  • He's confused. He ended things and now he's in the stage where he's reminiscing and starting to miss that relationship with you so he's acting weird. He's not going to tell you he misses you, but if he didn't, he would be indifferent to the situation at hand.


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