Intensional ignorance?

We broke up 1 and half years ago. Now after a lot of fight, I m trying to be good friends. She understood it and even spoke for 2 hrs. Now she blocks and ignores me. I cannot understand why even after understand her situation and helping her every prob I get blocked in WhatsApp and unfriend in Instagram. I asked it properly and she apologized and she unblocked from WhatsApp but Instagram follow request remained as it is. She said she would call next day but its been 5 days n she dint call. I m jus trying to be good person n be friends. What she wants to say to me by ignoring? Even though I said to her if she doesn't want me to contact her then let me know. But she says she has lot of prob n she needs to be alone and sort it out. Little advice on how to deal situation would help. It's irritating for me.


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  • Omg she wants to ignore you and you don't know what that means? Come on!


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