I already said goodbye to this girl. Can I still ask her to go for a walk with me?

There's a girl I am really into. She somewhat likes me too, but we decided not to be in a relationship because we will be thousands of miles apart and won't get to see other often.

We had dinner together for the last time and said goodbye to each other yesterday. I move tomorrow, so I would really love to see this amazing girl one more time today. I would like to go for a walk with her. Can I call her and ask if she would like to go for a walk? Or is it weird to do so because we've already said goodbye to each other? I am unfortunately letting go of this girl, but I would like to see her one more time...


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  • you should not give up if you really like her. we might be meeting many people each day but it's not easy to meet someone youu like. so, ask her out! what are you waiting for? we only live once. worse come to worst, you two still can remain as friends. at least give yourself and her a chance


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  • Ask her! Tell her you just need to see her one last time :) What's the worst that could happen? I'm sure if she likes you as much as you say and she's not got plans then she'll say yes.

    Stop fretting, just ask her :)


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  • Ultimately, it's just a walk. If you're putting this much thought into it, maybe it means more to you than it should.

    It may be good to use this chance to get some closure. You've decided to let her go, haven't you? Take the opportunity to close off this relationship that didn't happen. You may have said the words good-bye, but it doesn't seem like you meant it entirely. Make sure you mean it this time.


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