Would you left your boyfriend if he has bipor disorder?

can you left your boyfriend if he is suffering from mental dieses called bipolar disorder
in which people get too romantic too angry too sad very easily?


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  • No. As long as he agrees to let me help him as much as I can.

  • No. As long as he admits it.

    • i told my girl about my problem after our breakup
      all she said is get well soon, and get someone better
      although i was just being extra seductive and romantic sometimes
      i didn't did any harm to her

    • You should get help. You’re more important. Don’t beat yourself up over her answer.

  • Depends on the severity.

    • even if you are the one whom he needs Most, as he is recovering from this diseases and all he need is someone support?

    • I need to take care of myself more.
      If he is so severe where his behavior is impacting me, I will leave.
      I matter too.

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