Is this a sign I’m over her?

My ex and i have been broken up for 4 Months now i was devastated in the beginning she was my first love. Lately, just haven’t had the energy to give jack shit about what she’s doing
. Even though I think about her still, in my head i feel like my mind is fighting off intense thoughts now. Could this be THE sign that I’m over her?


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  • You are definitely getting there.
    You'll likely still have days where you really miss her but they'll get gradually less frequent and slowly you'll find yourself investing less and less time into caring about what she's up to.

    And then a few months down the line you'll realise... 'Oh! It doesn't really bother me that we're not together anymore. Cool!'

    It's a good feeling 😊
    Recently I saw a photo of an ex from few years back with his current girlfriend and found myself thinking "Aw what a cute couple"... Then I just realised how I literally don't give a rats ass what he does anymore cause I'm 1000% over him. Takes time but it's a nice feeling.


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  • Tbh, the fact that your asking this question says that you're not.

    • 😂 well perhaps I should’ve just asked what are the signs to know if you’re over an ex.

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    • Like blowing you up.

    • Not really. She wasn't really sorry for what she did... We still both enjoyed our sex together though which is why I am where I am

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  • I wouldn't say you're over her but you are on track


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