Why is it that the only guys I seem to attract are creeps or players?

For some reason the only nice guys i ever meet are always taken, and its only the creeps and the players of the world that approach me. I've never been in a relationship because of this problem and was wondering if this is normal? Ps im not a mean person, im super nice with everyone so i just found this weird.


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  • It happens because nice people usually get taken, since they are nice. But no worries, there's plenty of single nice guys in the world, don't give up, jut keep looking. And good luck 🌞

  • It's normally because the nice guys are ignored because you aren't attracted to them.

    • I am attracted to them, i have a friend who is a nice guy but he's taken and i find his personality very attractive. I was referring more to the guys who actually approach me they are never nice guys like ever.

    • Nice guys normally are looking to feel a connection while the other guys don't need to feel anything for you.

  • Generally speaking it's because those are the types of guys typically confident enough to initiate contact

    • True, but it seems like everyone around me is in relationships with nice guys even tho theyre as shy as me. Thats why i found it weird and feel like there's something wrong with me

    • Nothing wrong with you. Just hasn't happened yet 😉

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