Same class with EX.. what should I do?

We play the avoidance game now. Before when I walk straight to the classroom he was staring me, looking at each other face to face.. I was wondering why? should've say "hi"? He and I didn't say "hi"... now we play this avoidance game. I couldn't look at him because it felt uncomfortable in the class. Now this has been going on for a while. When he speaks in class I don't look or laugh with everyone else. Should I just look at him while he speaks so I feel normal in class? I just hate the tension. I'm afraid if I say "hi" he'll ignore me or I feel like my feelings will hurt. He broke up with me. I'm over it but maybe thinking about the negative side of the relationship.. I try not to because I don't want to hate him because he doesn't love me but accept it. I feel like there's an enemy in the room and he clearly avoids me also. Just leave it as it is?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Why are you waiting for him?
    Start dating other people and I know it gets uncomfortable in class after break up,
    If he says hi then say hey how r u,
    otherwise just let him go.
    He dumped you which means he was never really interested in u and never respected YOU...
    Just try to be normal and start talking to other guys


What Girls Said 1

  • Since he's the one who broke up with you, you should be cool. Focus on your classwork (or at least pretend to) and just be chill about it. You sholudn't have to feel uncomfortable.


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