Bad break up/first real relationship. What do I do now?

My girlfriend and I broke up, after a little more than a year.
The why isn't important but I loved her, now I dont have her. We had been long distance since aroumd August and im in a new place with out any friends, just family.
Im having a hard time with everything, especial a, uh, high libido. Im generally introverted and over 18. I feel like I need to focus on self and wait before doing anything but I don't know. The sex with my ex wasn't that great and I feel like if I could go and have good sex it would make me miss her less. But i might just hurt more. Im also probably gonna have trouble with any girl that would want a relationship.

I don't know, im just upset and hurt and feeling kinda wreckless.

Im not really sure what im expecting anyone to tell me, but anything is appreciated.


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