My ex is very angry. Is she over me?

Alright so gonna make this long story short.

She dumped me about 5 months ago. Sadly, we do see each other as we go to the same school. Right after the break up, everybody notices the games she has played. Flirting with other guys, hot and cold and all that kind of stuff. she anticipated for me to chase.

Now she kinda does the same thing but in a very moody way.

She started giving dirty looks to any girl i talk too, facetime video calls me for like 2 rings, likes an instagram post. Her friends added me into a group chat where she was in it too.

Yesterday, I saw her in class. I was walking up to my friend who was talking about his relationship problems with her and her friend. All I heard was "I would never go back" from her. She made it loud too.

She seems really pissed off.

i also blocked her on instagram

Why is she behaving like this?

Is She over me?


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  • NO. She is not yet over you and she is mad that you are not chasing her. Haha.

    • Like what does she want? does she want me back or something?

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    • Do you still like her?

    • very much so

  • She wanted you to at least make an attempt to fight for her. She clearly wants you.


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