Why can't guys give a second chance if they loved you so much ?

i really loved a guy ...we did have certain conflicts which every relationship faces... one day I just broke up with him.

after a month when I called him back. he says .. I don't want to be with you. I don't think we are good for each other.

i agree for having made the mistake of breaking up


AFTER ALL he too loved me so much .

why doesn't he not want me

now he has another girlfriend ..and he loves her a lot

i see myself in that girl as I mean he says the same things to her as when we were in relationship


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  • you know by what you said here in this post it sounds as though when you broke it off with him it may have not been very nicely done by you. one day I just broke up with him. you took the easy way out instead of trying to fix the relationship you severed it completely. probably duringf that month you had no contact with him whatsoever. to get over you he found a girl that liked him as much or more than you did. in a sense you had your chance and blew it. a relationship involves two people and any relationship requires work on both parties part. one one or the other breaks that working at the relationship then it fails. you took a month to realize that you missed him or what ever. he's not the one at fault here you brought it on yourself by yourself.

    lets see did you give him the chance? (what ever made you break up with him)

    did you try to work it out before you decided to break it off?

    did you give him much thought during that 30 days (except maybe the last few days)

    answer no to any of these guess what ?

    yes he may had then had real feelings for you then at that time . but you must have hurt him deeply by your actions.

    just take it as a lesson in life and don't do what you did in this relationship before thinking it over throughly before taking action of any sort..


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  • It's your loss. You're the one who one day just broke up with him. How do you think he's supposed to feel? And did you expect him to sit around with his tail between his legs waiting for you while you sorted things out? He didn't give you a chance because you didn't give him a chance. Yes, he loved you, but you stepped all over that and this is how he coped with it.

  • Holy sh*t...okay so I am in the same situation...my girlfriend broke up with me just over a month ago...I loved her with all my heart...but if she asked for me to take her back, id personally have to say "kick rocks." Why would you break up with him in the first place...why not talk to him about your feelings first?

    • I did talk to him, poured out my feelings even to the brim.

      he just wouldn't budge a second. I don't know .why you guys don't understand us at times..?

      we made a mistake of breaking up that all happened because of the mental tension between us.

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    • Anyways I am happy for having dumped him

      he deserves it ... :)

    • Oh wow, well there you go! As long as your happy!

  • You broke up with him. That hurt him, two you called him after a month. Where's the dignity if he goes back to you because you asked him. It would make him feel that you own him. and three, he has a girlfriend. He's not giving you a chance because you said you loved him and you just broke up with him.


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