What should I do? Advice please?

When we first started talking, he will walk by and nudge my arm.
A few months later he suggested for us to go to the movies, and it never happened do to things coming up.
When I will try to control my anxiety he will offer me a hug.
He invited me to church so I could start feeling better. I asked if I could still go and e said yes but never got back with me in regards to it.
He told me he didn't like to see me sad and that I had a beautiful spirit.
He introduced me to his boss.
Everytime I suggest to go somewhere together he's always busy or at work.
He will always tell me that I need to go home and get some sleep. Since I hardly sleep.
He will always compliment me on my hair if I changed a hairstyle.
He calls me nicknames like little this and little that. Because according to him I am little.
One day when a strange guy sat across from me and was talking too me. He literally walked over to us and blocked the guy's view from me. He said he sat there and started talking too me so the strange guy will leave me alone.
He did or supposedly told an older friend of mine that I was in a stalkish mode.
I confronted him about it and had a serious conversation with him and than out of nowhere he initiated a hug.
He now changed his work schedule and we don't see each other.
A few days ago, I did see him but I sat somewhere far from him. And he walks up too me and questioned why I was avoiding him.

Also he has been married before and now divorced. Supposedly, he was going to get married for the 2nd time but it didn't happen. A lot of females find him attractive, and yes he talks to females just like males since his jinn requires a lot of customer service. He only side one arm hugs them if the female says hello to him. He doesn't initiate the hug with them or hugs them with both arms like he does too me.
What should I do? The way he will act with me made me think he actually cared about me. I'm sad about it.


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  • He's clearly into you. He's probably hesitant to take it to the next level because of his past failed relationships.

    • It makes me sad. Because I can see and feel that's probably the reason why he is the way he is.
      I send him messages on fb and he will sometimes read them and not reply. Or just won't open them. I've giving him my number, and nothing.

      That one time I confronted him about what he supposedly said about me. His looked seemed to sad, watery eyes and his voice changed towards me. It became low and soft.

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