Girls, Why does she look at everything I do?

Girl in class who I like reflected my friend request before I introduced myself. so when she started our class with her new friends I introduced myself after her looking me up n down. She happens to be very shy and quiet in class and after introducing myself she started to stare at me if I talk to my friend in canteen or in class. So week after that I sat at her table n was forced to work with her n her friends which got along just fine but I noticed she would always analyse everything I do n tease me about it for example leaning towards me and teasing me about forgetting her name or drinking my milkshake etc. So at the end we was told to share email to finish task. So I was talking to a female friend and she suddenly goes quiet n on her phone. So I joke to friend about her giving me her email n that I scored a date which was a joke. Then I said to girl I like is this were you give me your phone number wink wink and she piped out random n gave me both email n number. I text her two days after and joked around saying I met a cute girl (her name ) she gave me her number should I date her. She said she not single even though she said in class she had no boyfriend. But now in the library she always smiles to herself if I pass n her friends have started staring at me?


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  • she might just be nosy


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