Should I keep ignoring him?

My husband and I are separated, he doesn't want anything with me, long story. Anyway at first we were not talking at all but then it changed and everything was good between us (still separated) we would still text each other. But this whole situation hurts me so I decieded to stop texting him back, he send me a few more messages but then he realized I'm not answering back, and his last message was "so your ignoring me" what should I tell him? Should I explain it hurst? Although I'm sure he already knows it hurst, but why is he still asking? What does he want from me I don't understand, what should i do?


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  • If I were you, yes I'd tell him it hurts to stay in touch and that if you two aren't even going to get back together, I don't see the purpose of doing such (unless kids come into the picture). I'd think that he only wants sex.

  • It sounds like he still cares about you and wants to stay in contact with you or he wouldn't be texting you. You have to decide what you want. If staying in contact with him hurts you then tell him that.


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