My ex is being weird?

So my ex has been flirting with a guy she hates in front of me on purpose what do i do? by the way I still have some feelings for my ex


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  • Does he know she hates him?

    • I don't know probably

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    • Fair enough. Regardless, I'd just ask her to stop, preferably in front of her friends. You'd be the bigger person, and have evidence that she's being childish. But again, I have no experience in this issue. In the end, I'd look at what kind of relationship, if any, you'd like you have with this girl. Do you want to try to be friends, or are you not ready for that yet? It's a complicated issue with no easy answer.

    • I'm ready to be friends and I've let her know that aswell

  • Remember you used word ex for a purpose. Accept the fact and move on. If you won't care then she might feel the other way.

    • She's starting all this unnecessary drama for no reason.

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    • Ups and downs are the only constants. Respect is of utmost importance. You gave her a lot while she gave nothing.

    • I did everything for her, she didn't do one thing for me, I brought her food when she was hungry, I brought her food without her even asking, I introduced her to my family first I was all about her I cared about her, I wanted the best for her I supported what she wants to do in the future

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