Is it wrong to still shop at a store an ex works at?

It is a weird question but we've been broken up since February and we're on good terms; just don't talk anymore for obvious reasons even though we have the same group of friends. Usually when I go I don't see him and I avoid the section he works at. The only reason I'm questioning it is because lately every time I've gone I keep seeing him and his new girlfriend when I go to leave and she instantly acts weird as soon as she sees me. Its just annoying because I don't work close to where I live and it is on the way home.


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  • Its just a shop. Treat him normally. Like every other shopworker

    • Thank you. I'm probably just over examining it.

    • Dont worry. It happens to become hard to treat him like NOT yours. It will be easier after a while

    • I honestly don't think of him like that anymore. We were incompatible. It bothered me how uncomfortable/weird his girlfriend was acting from just seeing me when it was just me shopping at a store.

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