Broke up for no reall reason, will she regret it and what should I do?

yesterday we broke up after being 3-4 months together, I've met her after she had a 10 year relationship and was single for a year again. she told me she thinks she just wasn't ready to start a new relationship yet but that she really like our time together and that there was nothing else wrong, also that if she would have been ready to be in a relationship she believes it would have lasted between us.
she said having no contact now would be the fastest way to make it clear, and that she might regret it in a week or month or so but she doesn't know and is doubting right now.

what is the best thing to do now? just keep myself to the no contact she said and wait for 30 days orso before texting anything? and what are the chances she will eventually reach out again if what she said is true and there really was nothing wrong between us, but just her ex who's still in her head sometimes?

thanks for the responses in advance


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