Feel Worthless that Ex Doesn't Care?

I dated a guy for six months. I broke up with him a month ago cause I'm having a hard time in life right now (unemployed, live away from him but can't visit cause of money, dad is having health problems, and I'm feeling super I-suck-depressed.) His response was pretty much "Okay, whatever, let's not talk for a month so we can get over each other and then be friends!"

It's like he didn't even care. It's been a month of no contact, but I see him writing on mutual friends walls, and his attitude is pretty much "Life is awesome and great and I'm having a fantastic time!"

It's like I never even existed. Now I feel EXTRA worthless that this guy, who I really liked, doesn't give a damn that I'm gone. It's really messing with me. What really blows me over is I had to be the one to end it, crying and telling him how much I cared but didn't want to drag him down, when HE was just glad to be rid of me.

It's really messing with my head. Why do guys do this-date someone they don't even like? I really thought he cared. How do I get past this?


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  • He probably did like you a lot but problems like yours can really bring you down and change you as a person so over time you became less and less like the girl he fell for, itn not your fault obviously it just happens and everything happens for a reason. By the sounds of things your relationship was a burden on both of you at the time. Give it time everybody goes through that initial excitment phase of their new freedom. Look just focus on you now, sort your life out as best you can and focus on the positives. Let him see you for the girl he fell for, happy regardless of your situation...It will get better promise believe me we'v all been there and It will, try getting a new hobbie or sumthing. Hope this helps :)


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  • I was turned loose after a 3 year relationship myself, felt/feel worthless and she never cared at all. Said we could be "friends" but gave me no closure and basically still tried to dictate what I could and couldn't do. For example, if I see a friend of hers at a bar, don't talk to them. A week after she left me, I lost my job due to the economy. So when it rains it pours. Bills kept coming, no money coming in and finally ended up having to move back in with my parents. I am in my late 20's. So trust me, I feel your pain. it's been nearly a year since our break up and I am still not 100% over it. Of course she is partying her life away and could care less, but I think she was playing a headgame too. It's a long long road, but time heals all wounds. Be optimistic.


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  • he probably feels like you rejected him, what he said doesn't necessarily mean he never cared he's just hurt and trying to get over you

    • Just seems like he's getting over me so easily... That's what hurts the most, that it took like a day and now it's like I never meant anything to him.

    • But you don't know that inside he may not be

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