Does blocking someone on watsapp help when you want move on?

I broke up with my boyfriend and want to know if I should block him. I still love him and he knows it. Our relationship is beyond repair though and it feels like I just cannot get over him cos he still keeps in contact. How do I go about doing this?

To just give a broader picture. I broke up him because he never had time for me, I felt single. He asked for another chance and I was willing to try bought plain tickets to see him twice and never made an effort to see me. I'm always the first to ask him how he is and even then, he just talks about himself. It's not like I'm being unnecessary. I love him, but its time I love myself more


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  • I went through this. I tried to block him but i couldnt stop looking at “last logged on...” so i just deleted the app altogether. Helped me move on, although he was on this site so then it still didn't help much but yea haha


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  • Hah.. My fella Indian.
    You should probably go with the flow. This is quite the step number 1 isn't it not. Blocking doesn't help unless ur boy friend doesn't give a damn. Its better u talk it out. Or just try to move on find something that u can throw ur focus on to.

    • Thanks. I'm not indian by the way

    • Oh. Thought blocking on whatsapp was done usually by the Indian women.. looks like its a global hysteria.

  • If it helps you sleep at night. I would probably clear things up first for sure.

  • No dear

    • What do u suggest I do to move on?

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    • Because you can't block that person in your heart

    • That's true, but hopefully in time the pain will get better and talking to him wil not let me heal

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