Girlfriend and I broke up, then we ended up making out, spent the last two nights together, she says she confused needs to find herself?

My ex and I were on a date and at the end we started kissimg in my dorm room. I noticed she seemed rather reserved so I stopped and asked her to talk to me about what was wrong. It took a bit to get it out of her but she told me she felt like she needed to be on her own and find herself and that she felt like even though she didn't want to, we should break up. I was very understanding and said I still want her but I understand and will be okay. We then had one of the best talks we ever had. After that we looked each other in the eyes and started making out again, getting naked and giving each other hand jobs which is the farthest wed ever gone together. She ended up staying the night with me and we both slept in our underwear. When we woke up I asked her if she was sure about her decision and she said yes she needs to do it but we started talking again and we had an another amazing conversation, then we started making out again and got naked together and did some more stuff. During everything she started crying because she said she knew things wouldn't be the same with us once she left that day and she was really sad about it, so I told her id always be there for her and that I cared about her so much. We made out for a couple more hours and I saw her fully naked for the first time. Then we stopped and had another great talk then we said goodbye and we kissed extremely passionately again. I thought it was over buy about 4 hours later she came back to my room because she left her bottle and the sexual tension was HUGE. We tried not but we couldnt stop from making out again. She snapped me later that night all sad and said we have to stop making out if she's gonna get over me. I went out with friends that night when I got back she came to my room and we spent the night together again but wouldn't kiss me this time. This morning she told me I make her confused about what she wants, she misses me, but was still insistent about breaking up. What should I do im so confusd?


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  • She has probably been with you for a long time and has had "those" thoughts and feelings and wants to know if you are the right one. She needs to come to the conclusion that she wants and misses you without her feeling like you don't care and moves on... So give her 3 days to a week and then hit her up with a intruiging flirt she can't turn down


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  • For me Id give her 2 to 4 weeks. If she doesn't decide to be with me I will move on and find another girl...

    • Okay yeah that makes sense. Its just difficult to imagine having to move on.

    • Its not as difficult as you think it is. You just need to find another girl that you like and you will forget about every other girl you met before

  • I still don't see why she want a break up? You guys seems having a good time over and over again which reflects good bonding but I don't really see why she want a break up !

    • I dont know either. The best explanation I've gotten is that she wants to find herself. Its our first semester of college right now and she feels like she hasn't gotten out there yet. I jsut dont know why she feels a need to find herself with out me.

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    • Im not sure, either date me or dont date me.

    • Tell her you don't want to date because she don't want you to help her, what do you think?

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