Why can't we be friends? Why is he so angry with me?

My fiance and I broke up 10 months ago.
Prior to our relationship we had been friends for 30 years and the relationship lasted for almost 2 years. For this last 10 months, we have had on and off periods of no contact, then weeks of good communication and then no contact again, etc. Back in July we had an argument and he said that he just wants me to say goodbye. He says we can not be friends, and that it needs to be over?
After 3 months I reached out to him via email and asked if we could talk sometime in hopes of being friends again. After all we were friends for 30 years before the relationship. He responded with total nastiness and anger. He said he wants me to leave him alone and not contact him. When I asked why we can't be friends, he just said he does not have to justify any of it and leave him alone.
I can respect that, however, can someone tell me why he would not want to be friends and why he is so angry? I have left him alone, and apologized , however,
I guess that is not good enough?


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  • You can only play with a man Hart so mini times and if not ment to do then just do what you do best.. let him beeee if he wants you let him come to you until them work on your self


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  • Women seem to have this obsession with wanting to stay friends after a relationship has ended, like we don’t want to think that anyone - especially someone we loved - not like us.
    But at the end of the day, your relationship ended and it sounds like whatever the argument was about it was the end of your relationship for him. That sounds like a big deal, and not an amicable split. No one here can know why he’s so angry, but he is and sometimes there is no apology that can make someone like you after it, they just don’t want you in their life after it


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