Question as to whether or not she likes me back. Need help! How can I be sure?

Hello! I really like a girl, but lately I have been having a question as to whether or not she likes me back. She has been asking me quite a few questions about myself (initiating conversation with me in the process) in addition to entering herself into a few conversations I have been having with other people. She has made a point to agree with me about a few things and also has complimented me twice on something I built, saying that she liked it.

However, I am still somewhat unclear as to whether or not I should be interpreting these signs as a crush or simply being friendly. Help greatly appreciated!


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  • It's hard to tell with girls as we tend to be flirty/indecisive where guys are concerned. But, based on what she's been doing, I'd say she wants you to make a move. I could be wrong as I haven't seen you two, but if I were you, I'd ask her to go see a movie or take her out to dinner. Make it clear that you want to go on a date so that she isn't confused though. It gets messy if you don't make it clear on whether or not you are paying, you know?

  • If she doesn't already like you, she is interested in getting to know you better. Go ahead and pursue.


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