Is it bad that I have a joe bunch of guys who like me but I still can’t get over my ex?

This is probably going to sound like puppy love but me and my ex were dating for 2 months we were happy we FaceTimed every night and then the day after our two month anniversary I broke up with him every time I thought of him I thought of his money and I hated that and I hated me for that but I guess I’m just wondering if I shouldn’t be upset or sad because I broke up with him not he broke up with me


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  • His money made you break up with you? Sounds like you aren't mature enough for the relationship. You might want to reevaluate something there.


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  • Even if you're the one who broke up it's still normal to feel the way you do


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  • Sometimes it takes a while I've been with a few amazing woman...& memories still pop up sometimes from years ago, you'll get pass him

  • Why you thought of his money?

    • Because he was always talking about buying nice things and he was rich and I felt horrible

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    • Because when you think of someone you should think about what you like about them not there money

    • Oh so my doubt were true but nevermind now that you said this it is bad that you can't get over your ex because you may be missing the one don't you agree?

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