Why would a ex of mine call me when he has a girlfriend?


Today I woke to receiving a text from my ex of last year who lives in Pa. I was not only shocked yet happy to hear from him. He told me he loved that I always did what he wanted an I knew he had a girlfriend that is posted all Over his facebook and he talks about how is so in love and happy. Yet, why would he text me and then call me on the phone trying to talk with me so sexually. ? I know we had amazing times and there are times I do think of him. Yet, since him I moved on.

Why would he text me and call me is it for he isn't being sexually pleased by his girl or does he think of me.?


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  • For an ex to talk in such a manner to you, is not right. He is dating another girl and I am sure if she found out he was in touch with you, she would leave him. He is being selfish and just looking for self gratification. You are best avoiding him. I would not believe a word he says.

    Do not fall into the trap of being a friend with benefits. What his sex life is like now is not any of your business nor is it the other way around. Just don't furnish him with what he wants. Tell him to stop talking about personal stuff. Don't comply with his dirty talk. Tell him he should be talking with his girlfriend about stuff like that and not you. If he keeps at it, then don't have anything more to do with him. Cut contact


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