A friend / love interest blocked me on Facebook after I unfriended her. Why?

Long story short, I met a woman who was recently out of a divorce and an affair as her marriage was really bad. She made it clear from the start that she wasn't ready for or looking for a relationship. We became part of each others every day life and I got to know her mother and kids very well. As we drew closer, she would push me away at times as well. I was the one always there for her and she referred to me as her "guardian angel" as I got her out of a couple had situations after she had been drinking excessively.

The last incident was the final straw as I had to take her home and she was vomiting on the way to her house. After I got her to bed, I watched her for a half hour to ensure she was ok. Her 16yr old son came home with his girlfriend and I asked him to take me to my car as I drove his mom's car back to her house so she had it. I asked him to please check on her as she wasn't feeling well and he said he would. The next day she forwards me a text from her son stating that he still wanted to commit suicide as he had threatened this month before. He told her also that he didn't need a disabled mom who would drink excessively. She told me she couldn't now go to a game I spent 700 dollars on tickets for and we planned to go to for months. I called her and told her I was upset with her as if she hadn't have gotten plastered again, her son would be ok and we would be going to the game. We have an argument, and we decide to part ways. I told her I would also unfriend her from Facebook as I would need some time to get over things and she said to do what I had to do. She said she would see me at Church, and I told her I would go to a different Church. 3 days later for some reason she then blocks me on FB after I unfriended her. This hurt as I didn't do anything to deserve to be blocked. I texted her about reimbursement for the 350 dollar ticket and she did respond to it saying she wouldn't pay it.
A friend / love interest blocked me on Facebook after I unfriended her. Why?
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