Is my ex in a rebound relationship? Or a serious one?

My ex and I have been split for 2 months now, we were together the best part of a year and he wasn't one for uploading pics all over social media or being 'Facebook official' which I was cool with. But already he's in a new relationship with a girl that he has known for a while she's in his group of friends but there now together and I find out through social media😳!! I confronted him about it because he kept contacting me once a week or so and he blocked me so I spoke to his family who knew NOTHING about her. He then has made contact wanting back with me while still remaining in a relationship with this girl. He also told me he got with her the same week we broke up since then he's moved abroad and she still stays back in his hometown. I know he hates it over there already and wants home but is this a rebound relationship? Or would you guys say it's serious?


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  • Rebound. Don't let this kid hurt you again. I experienced a bit of what you're saying. My ex left me after a year and three days later got with another dude. It's a rebound and I'd recommend calling him out on his shit and not letting him back in your life

    • I told him that night he called I couldn't get back with him because I felt like he didn't bother about how I would feel at all. He knows I would never do anything like that to him the best part is he even had his family calling my house to speak to him. After that night when I told him just to stay with her I wouldn't take him back he's not spoke since. It still really hurts I wasn't expecting him to do anything like that😭 It's horrible hope your okay now and thank you

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    • If I'm honest I don't think that's the last I've heard from him, but I feel like I'd be such a mug to take him back after all that!

    • I definitely wouldn't. He'd just end up doing it again

  • I think it's a rebound because he took no break time after the break up

    • That's what I thought, I was just very shocked at the whole social media thing I know how against it he is people knowing his business😨!

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    • True. Thank you for your help

    • You welcome, and don't bother yourself with the past anymore : move one and stay strong 👍

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  • It's a rebound but honestly don't get back with him, best to just move on


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